Crisis management: from social shitstorm to trending topic

When a crisis breaks, it is important to know what is going on around your organisation. For this, social media are both an important information source to oversee the way the news spreads, and [...]

Fact checking with: Danielle, Senior Media Analyst & Product Owner at OBI4wan

In the series "Fact checking with" we interview our colleagues from OBI4wan about their responsibilities, vision and the person behind the expert. In this edition, we’ve interviewed Danielle [...]

(Nederlands) Een reputatiecrisis schuilt in een klein hoekje in de Rotterdamse haven

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3 applications of media monitoring during an event

The event that you have been working towards for days, weeks, maybe even months has finally commenced! In the ideal situation, online and offline media monitoring are in order and a team is ready [...]

(Nederlands) Social media als voorspellers: 6 inzichten na Project X Haren

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