5 questions for Bas Vogels, Supervisor Customer Service at DHL

DHL is doing well! The company’s Customer Service recently won the National CQ test and now carries the title ‘Best Customer Service in the Netherlands’. I spoke to Bas Vogels, supervisor and [...]

(Nederlands) Partner van de Chatbot Conference | #chatbot2019

(Nederlands) Op 25 april 2019 komen experts op het gebied van chatbots en artificial intelligence bij elkaar tijdens de tweede editie van de Chatbot Conference, waar onderwerpen als flow design, [...]

Onboarding a chatbot: how to ensure a smooth start

As soon as a company decides to implement a chatbot in their service process, the actual development of the chatbot can be completed in a matter of weeks. But what happens when the chatbot sees [...]

Artificial intelligence explained from A to I

Artificial intelligence. Is that a computer? A robot? A self-steering car? The future? How do the experts define artificial intelligence? Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity or is it [...]

Competition from virtual employees? Why Customer Service Employees shouldn’t be afraid of chatbots

The hype around chatbots and the forecast of Gartner that  50% of all medium-size and large-scale enterprises will be using chatbots within the next 2 years might cause sleepless nights for [...]

Chatbots: the most interesting applications for your organisation

Chatbots are becoming more and more widely used. The times in which only larger companies started to optimize their service processes with smart virtual employees are over. Chatbot technology is [...]

Fact checking with: Frank Smit – Chief Innovation Officer at OBI4wan

In the series "Fact checking with" we interview our colleagues from OBI4wan about their responsibilities, vision and the person behind the expert. In this edition we spoke with Frank Smit. As [...]

How to develop a chatbot in 5 steps

Companies are facing the challenge of an increasing need to be available to consumers at all times and of being present at a large number of touchpoints. To meet these needs and provide quality [...]

5 questions to: Paul de Vries, Social Media Manager at Decathlon

Paul de Vries is Social Media Manager at Decathlon. We interviewed him about his experience with chatbots and the application of OBI Engage within the webcare team. In the 3 years he has worked [...]

Chatbots in 2019 – 5 trends!

New year, new opportunities, a fresh start. In the field of technology we have made major steps in the past year. Where we said last year that 2018 was going to be the year of the chatbots, we [...]

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