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Redefine your customer service with our easy and powerful chatbot platform for non-tech people

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Up to 36% Cost Reduction


Up to 24% Higher Customer Satisfaction (NPS)


Up to 20% Increase in productivity


Up to 40% of All Conversations Handled By Chatbots

Grow your business
with our easy chatbot builder

Everyone in your organisation can build natural and dynamic conversations, since the user-friendly interface of the platform does not require any technical skills. Our platform is powered by the best AI solutions in the market, preparing you for the future of customer service.

Build and deploy chatbots in days instead of months. Our easy, fast and reliable chatbot platform helps you to scale your customer service and grow your business while keeping your customers happy. Building a data driven chatbot conversation has never been easier!

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Provide fast and consistent service

Increase customer satisfaction by engaging with your customers and build loyalty with proactive communication and engaging content.

Provide 24/7 service via customers preferred channels

Integrate your chatbots within existing channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, live chat. Coming soon: Apple Business Chat and custom channels.

Scale your customer service

Reduce costs with effective solutions to common questions. Create an effortless experience by connecting chatbots to your live support channels.

OBI Bots Platform

Reduce time to create engaging conversations

Build and deploy chatbots in days instead of months. Create and update your conversations in minutes.

Create virtual assistants that go beyond simple interactions

Offer a rich experience to help your customer reach whatever goal. Provide 24/7 service, whenever they need it.

Powerful point & click chatbot builder for non-technical people

Easy to use bot builder, for building advanced chatbots. Design natural conversations while AI does the heavy lifting.

Build future proof chatbots
with a platform that grows with you

The world of chatbots is changing rapidly. We connect different Natural Language Understanding suppliers, internal systems and channels to our platform. These connections make sure our platform grows with you, making your chatbot scalable and future proof.

Use data for the best results

Get the best results out of your chatbot by making use of data to create intents, determine your ROI and improve your chatbot by analyzing it’s performance.

Best of both worlds; combine people and technology

By working efficiently and seamlessly together, chatbots and agents can solve the increasinging amount of questions and keep up with the high demanding need for support.

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