New strategic partnerships with, TOPdesk and Freshchat

• 3 minute read • 09/07/2019
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We proudly announce the launch of three strategic partnerships with, TOPdesk and Freshchat. These partnerships make chatbot integration and direct communication with customers via WhatsApp even easier for companies.

Integration of one-to-one communication with customers via WhatsApp

By partnering with – official provider of the business version of the world’s most popular messaging channel – our users will have direct one-to-one contact with their customers. The official interface allows important updates, changes or reminders to be quickly delivered to the customer. The business account allows multiple service agents to work simultaneously on responding to customer requests. The integration works as follows: Companies request access via OBI4wan. Once Whatsapp has granted approval, the application can be offered fully integrated via OBI Engage – our solution for customer engagement via social media, messaging and live chat.

Jan-Willem van Vugt, strategic partnerships manager of, comments:

“We see that adding popular channels like WhatsApp to powerful solutions like OBI4wan, help companies reaching the next level of customer service. Companies reach consumers easier than ever: on their personal devices and in their favorite chat app. I’m proud that the official and scalable solution is available for any company now via and OBI4wan!”

Powerful integration of chatbots through partnerships with TOPdesk and Freshchat

To make chatbots and virtual agents more accessible for organisations, we have integrated with TOPdesk and Freshchat. Thanks to the chatbot integration with TOPdesk, companies can increase customer satisfaction, improve communication efficiency and increase productivity. With the help of the user-friendly conversation builder, an AI-driven intent recognition and an easy business rules editor, the chatbot is tailored directly in TOPdesk. Data from historical customer conversations is used. A Chatbot Feasibility Report identifies the most important areas in which the chatbot can offer added value and shows how response times and overall productivity can be expected to increase.

Through the integration of OBI Bots, virtual assistants complement the Freshchat environment. Routine work is thus handed over to the chatbots, giving service agents more time to deal with complex customer issues. Chatbots and service agents work hand in hand to increase customer satisfaction, efficiency and productivity.

Alexander de Ruiter, CEO and co-founder of OBI4wan, comments on the partnerships:

“We are delighted to be able to deliver effective solutions for corporate customer communication through our partners. Thanks to the integration, direct communication with customers via the official WhatsApp Business Solution and the easy creation and use of chatbots within TOPdesk and Freshchat are now possible”.

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