The significance of media monitoring in crisis communication

OBI4wan • 4 minute read • 18/06/2020
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If you’re looking to limit or prevent any damage to the reputation of your brand or organisation then media monitoring would be a great tool for you! By using (real-time) media monitoring, you’ll gain data-driven insights if you’re experiencing a reputation crisis. Monitoring gives you insight into volume as well as sentiment, and insight into who are the most important influencers and stakeholders regarding the crisis or discussion. An analysis of the crisis helps you to make the right decision and can limit or even prevent reputation damage.

The role of social media during crises

Social media channels offer various options for managing a reputation crisis. The role of social media has been split into two applications: the role of social media as a source of information and the role of social media as a communication channel.

Social media as a source of information: gathering insights

Social media becomes an important source of information during a crisis. Both the organisation’s own social media accounts and all information posted on social media provide insight into the entire playing field of the crisis. Claims from stakeholders, reactions from the public and what aspects are being taken over by journalists.

Social media is the most up-to-date source of information and contains a huge variety of opinions because all the stakeholders are on it. Even though there’s a lot of unverified information, all stakeholders turn to social media as a source of information. Social media is therefore a unique place for opinions and facts from the masses, individuals, institutions, and for official statements as well. A social media analysis helps to inform the decision makers internally, and helps you to be able to respond specifically to what’s going on.

Using social media as a communication channel

In addition to gaining insights, your own social media channels can be used to manage a crisis. Deploying the use of social media during a crisis can help to make crisis communication run better and faster, and in a cost-efficient manner. Your own message is immediately distributed without the intervention of a journalist. We’ve listed the advantages of this for you:

  • Publish your content when and where you want it.
  • Provide real-time updates or schedule your messages.
  • Social media channels give you the opportunity to enter a conversation both on an individual level and publicly.
  • Social media provide access to a large audience, especially if your own social media channels have a wide reach.
  • You have direct, unfiltered access to your audience. This conveys your message, your side of the story, without the intervention of journalists or other stakeholders. This can contribute to a better understanding of your position or standpoint with regard to the matter.

Prevent or limit damage to reputation? Get to work!

Would you like to work with media monitoring yourself to prevent or limit reputation damage to your brand or organisation? Then download the whitepaper below! You will discover:

  • How a digital (reputation) crisis can develop on social media and how you can prevent or reduce potential damage regarding your brand or organisation.
  • How to recognise a crisis and what the role of social media is during a crisis.
  • How to keep an eye on what happens in the media on a structural basis, and how to see a crisis coming ahead of time.
  • Which crisis management tips you can use on different social media platforms during certain phases of a crisis.
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