Infographic: 8 reasons why online customer service is important

Linsey • 4 minute read • 26/02/2019
Online customer service
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The ever-increasing demands that consumers place on service ensure that organisations are on high alert. Omnichannel webcare, live chat and chatbots: we do everything to provide customers with good service. But why is it so important that service is ‘top notch’? What is in it for us? And above all: what damage can you prevent by carefully designing your service process to benefit the customer?

Good online service important for marketing, sales and customer retention

Good service is not only important to keep existing customers satisfied. Nowadays, service becomes a part of the purchase process early in the buyer journey. For example, did you know that 89% of consumers find it important to get a quick response to their first inquiry? This fast response has influence on the decision of the consumer to do business with an organisation. This shows that service is also very important for marketing and sales.

In addition, when providing poor service, you will risk customers leaving your organisation. An example; 46% of consumers say they switch to a different organisation when poor service is provided. 47% even stop doing business completely with the organisation when poor service is offered. Not surprisingly, service is a top priority for organisations.

The ROI of good online customer service

But what can good customer service do for your organisation? The customer service department of organisations is still seen as a department that costs money, rather than making money. But that is not the case! Good customer service software ensures that you can provide service over multiple channels simultaneously, with multiple people, in one tool. In addition, smart technology and chatbots ensure that you can help your customer more efficiently, faster and better. The result? Satisfied employees, cost reduction and an increase in customer satisfaction!

Everything you need to know at a glance!

The infographic below summarizes all the information you need to provide the best possible online customer service.

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Linsey Jepma
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