OBI4wan adds Google Reviews as a new feature

• 3 minute read • 25/04/2019
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Good news! It is now possible to monitor Google Reviews via OBI4wan. OBI4wan is the first organisation in the Netherlands to make a direct link with an online customer service tool possible so that we can help anticipate ever-increasing customer demands. Thanks to this link, users can respond to a review or question directly and easily.

Monitoring and responding to Google reviews is now possible

The need for online customer service teams to monitor Google Reviews has increased enormously in recent months, as noted by OBI4wan’s product owner Jordi Krom. OBI4wan now makes it possible for users of OBI Engage to link Google Reviews to the tool. Thanks to this integration, users can immediately see when a new review has been posted in Google. It is also possible to comment on reviews via the interface. This way you no longer have to keep an eye on Google yourself and you are always up to date.

The benefits of integrating OBI Engage and Google Reviews

As a company, it is important to actively request and monitor feedback from customers. The development team has worked hard behind the scenes to achieve this integration:

A good score on Google is immediately visible to everyone. It increases your status and the chance for potential customers to choose for your organisation. A company with positive ratings and a good score is of course rated better than an organisation that scores less well. As a company, it is therefore important to actively request feedback, monitor it, and engage directly with (potential) customers. This way you, as a company, can show that you listen to your customers and take feedback seriously. ”- Jordi Krom, Product Owner at OBI4wan.


Who benefits from this integration?

Anyone who works with OBI Engage and has a Google business page can benefit from this integration. In addition to active monitoring and interaction with customers, responses are also imported directly into the tool. You can easily filter messages and it is possible to create a separate stream. The Google Reviews link is similar to that of Trustpilot.

Do you want to know exactly how to make the link between OBI Engage and Google Reviews and do you want to stay informed on other updates? Then contact our Client Happiness Team via [

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