FB Messenger 24h window: prevent not being able to reply to messages

• 3 minute read • 06/03/2020
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From the 4th of March, Facebook introduces a 24-hour service window for organisations. This means that Facebook no longer allows organisations to respond to messages older than 24 hours. This is how the most popular social media platform in the world enables seamless interactions between organisations and consumers via Facebook Messenger. Which effect will this have on social customer care? Read all about this in our article!

Why a 24-hour window on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook states that organisations that respond to private messages within 24 hours achieve better business results. The popular platform encourages organisations with this new change to:

  • Respond quickly to customer questions
  • Send important updates to their customers that are personally relevant

What does the 24-hour window mean for your organisation?

Organisations that work through the API, an integration or a social service tool such as OBI4wan, this new change means that you’re no longer able to respond to messages older than 24 hours. This is how that works:

As soon as a customer sends a message to your organisation, the 24-hour window starts. The counter will start over when a message has been sent and answered within 24 hours. As long as this is within the service window, you can always (re)start the conversation.

But wait, how does that work when my business is closed over the weekend? What if we haven’t found a shareable solution for the customers’ problem? No worries! There is a solution…

The solution: how to bypass the service window and respond within 7 days!

OBI4wan gained access to the closed beta functionality of Facebook that enables you to respond with a personal message within 7 days instead of just 24 hours. Our customers make use of the so-called HUMAN_AGENT tag from Facebook, which enables customer service agents to (re)open a conversation when needed.

Want to try this out for yourself? Request your free demo of OBI Engage!

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