Instagram success: 4 rather amazing Instagram campaigns

The number of active daily users on Instagram has risen sharply since 2016. With 3.4 million active users in 2020, the platform has earned third place among the most-used social media platforms in the Netherlands! No wonder Instagram keeps attracting more and more organisations to come up with attractive content and creative campaigns. What new features and developments are organisations using? Take a look and learn from the best!

New (visual) trends and features on Instagram

Parallel to an increase in users, new trends and features on Instagram are growing as well. There are a number of visual trends  that are now dominating Instagram. The videos, for one, are becoming shorter. An average video is about 3 to 10 seconds, which is comparable to the popular TikTok. Another notable trend is that more and more users are creating real, authentic content. It’s not about perfect pictures or videos; the message and credibility of your story or brand are what’s more important!

The development of new features isn’t taking a back seat either. In addition to the advance of IGTV, the possibility of creating a “creator profile” is particularly quite popular. With this profile, you can get started in the creator studio of the platform. This allows you to design AR filters that help to make your products even more attractive. These types of developments also clearly prove that Instagram is shifting more and more towards e-commerce and can really help retailers with increasing their engagement and response, and facilitating in-app shopping as well.

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Which Instagram campaigns stood out?

A number of brands are already picking up on the new visual features. Which campaigns stood out? We’ve looked back at the Instagram campaigns that stood out over the past year and have listed some of them here for you!

Kids write the script for new IGTV LEGO movie

LEGO is known for bringing kid’s ideas to life. For this advertising campaign, the brand immersed itself in the imaginations of some of their biggest fans, creating a movie trailer from a kid’s point of view. LEGO put a bunch of kids in charge of writing an epic story inspired by LEGO City Police.


The advertising campaign was specially designed for vertical formats, such as Instagram’s IGTV format. Who wouldn’t now want to see this fantastic movie?!

Take a selfie with Burger King’s Roast Whopper

In November of last year, a giveaway was published in the stories of Burger King Netherlands in which the fast food chain called for taking selfies with the special Burger King “whopper face filter”. The best videos could win tickets to Ali B’s theatre show, but first participants had to tag Burger King’s account in the video though. The whole giveaway took place on Instagram stories, making participation easy, and everything straightforward!

In another creative campaign, Burger King Netherlands went a step further to demonstrate that there are no artificial preservatives hidden in the burger. In this time-lapse video spanning 34 days, we see how a hamburger changes from a fresh, delicious-looking sandwich into an unappetising, moldy sludge. The campaign called up some mixed reactions from fans. Because, let’s be honest, would this necessarily make you want you to go out and grab a Burger King burger?

Diesel bases its exclusive clothing line on Netflix’s “Casa del Papel”

In the summer of 2019, Diesel, in collaboration with Netflix, put out a clothing line that was in the style of the popular series “Casa del Papel”. The Italian jeans brand embraced the trend and showed short videos in a campaign on Instagram. A great collaboration between two major brands. Specially created for their fans!

At home together, the smart way, in an IKEA house

The fact that we’re going through some rather bizarre times at the moment is also evident in the various things happening on Instagram that relate to the coronavirus, or COVID 19. The big brands are taking the lead, with smaller brands following suit, posting messages for their fans that are timely and relevant. We’re seeing heartwarming, uplifting advertising messages that help followers along a bit through this difficult and lonely time.

IKEA Netherlands is also connecting people with engaging content in the corona crisis. With the hashtag #samenslimmerthuis (at home together, the smart way) the housing giant shares useful tips from Dutch people who’ve come up with smart solutions for using household space as efficiently as possible. For inspiration, see the most creative tips for workplaces being shared in the Instagram stories!

You can discover even more creative communications taking place during the corona crisis here

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