WhatsApp Business Solution integration: CM.com

The official WhatsApp Business Solution, available with OBI4wan and made possible by our partner CM.com.

OBI4wan integratie CM WhatsApp

Thanks to our partnership with CM.com, you can now use the official WhatsApp Business Solution for your organisation. The business version of WhatsApp allows organisations to have 1-on-1 contact with consumers via the most popular messaging channel in the world.

Organisations can request access via OBI4wan and after approval by WhatsApp the entire package can be offered in an integrated manner within OBI Engage, the one-stop solution for customer engagement via social media, messaging and live chat.

The benefits of the WhatsApp Business Solution 

Send important updates, changes, or reminders to your customers

Verified business account, including opening times, address and website

Handle messages with multiple colleagues at once

All-in-1 platform for an excellent customer service

Partnership with CM.com

CM.com connects brands from all over the world with mobile phones worldwide. The CM.com platform offers a smart combination of messaging channels, voice, identity and Europe’s most innovative payment solutions. The platform is used by 20.000+ brands to improve their marketing, sales and service. CM.com helps these brands to communicate with their customers in the most efficient way and stimulates conversion. By connecting to the CM.com platform for the WhatsApp Business Solution, you open yourself to the world of possibilities that Conversational Commerce has to offer.

Your recognised WhatsApp Business partner

Customers of OBI4wan can now use the WhatsApp Business Solution, made possible by our partner CM.com. In order to communicate with customers via WhatsApp, you need an authorised partner, and CM.com is an Authorized Distributor for the WhatsApp Business Solution. Because of our connection to CM.com, it is possible to handle messages in our own OBI Engage software, via the official link with WhatsApp.

Want to get started with the official WhatsApp Business Solution? Fill in your details below and our specialists will get in touch to inform you about the possibilities!