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Discover the benefits of a partnership!

OBI4wan collaborates intensively with a range of partners

OBI4wan offers award-winning solutions and services in the areas of customer engagement, chatbots, reputation management, data-based action-oriented insights, and artificial intelligence.

We provide innovative technologies and user-friendly tools, along with a wide range of services such as research and data analysis, strategy development, and training. OBI4wan works intensively with her partners in many areas.

Choosing to enter into partnership with OBI4wan means choosing for quality and an attractive, forward-looking partner with expertise in software and technology!

Would you like to know more about possibilities to partner with OBI4wan? Get in contact. There’s no obligation involved.

Diverse forms of partnership are possible:

  • Integration
    Service provision or tooling that supplements our solutions and adds value for our clients.
  • Media & Content
    Platforms voor customer engagement, media, news or other types of content.
  • Strategic
    Experts in a specific sector who use our software to support their proposals and businesses.
  • Resellers
    Organisations working in the same sector who need a good partner for successful client cases
RobinHQ | Partner OBI4wan
Steam | Partner OBI4wan
Vanad Group | Partner OBI4wan
Smart PR | OBI4wan Partner
ANP | Partner OBI4wan
Media Distillery | Partner OBi4wan
RTV Monitor | Partner OBI4wan
GoPress | Partner OBI4wan
Landau Media | Partner OBI4wan
Media Info Group | OBI4wan
Yammer | Partner OBi4wan
Adwise | Partner OBI4wan
Effecta | Partner OBI4wan
Noscura | partner OBI4wan
How About You | OBI4wan
EvolveIP official OBI4wan partner
Ammco | Partner OBI4wan | Partner OBI4wan
Ekomi | Partner OBI4wan
Majorel | Partner OBI4wan
Social Media Buro | Partner OBI4wan
CM | Partner OBI4wan
Freshchat | Partner OBI4wan
Freshdesk | Partner OBI4wan
Topdesk | Partner OBI4wan
Axon | Partner logo
Teleperformance | Partner OBI4wan

“The founders of HowAboutYou and OBI4wan have found each other for more than 25 years in passion for customer contact. OBI4wan is a reliable, solid and strategic partner for business development. Through our strategic partnership we are market leader in online media monitoring for governments. I am very pleased with the way OBI4wan acts on joint business opportunities. This proves that a strong focus on a specific market with a strategic partnership works!”

Frank Bruijninckx, How about you