OBI4wan makes innovative technology accessible

Our mission: truly engaged customers and organisations

OBI4wan offers award-winning solutions and services in the areas of customer engagement, chatbots, reputation management, action-oriented insights based on data and artificial intelligence. We make innovative technology accessible and offer both user-friendly tools and wide-ranging services such as research and data analysis, strategy development and training.

If you’re seeking successful online customer communication and media monitoring, at OBI4wan you’ve found the right place. Since 2011, our team of experts has been assisting organisations in setting up user-friendly software solutions such as OBI Engage, OBI Bots, OBI Bots Platform, OBI Brand Monitor and OBI Insights.

Based in Zaandam, Berlin and Brussels, we support clients all over the globe with smart software tools for customer engagement and data-driven managing of their reputations.

We offer the best data-driven, comprehensive solutions as well as excellent service in the areas of reputation management, customer engagement and AI. Our mission is to put your organisation in genuine contact with your clients.‘Truly engaged customers and organisations’ means committed customers. Not just our customers, but also the customers of our customers.

OBI4wan is a trusted partner of organisations around the world, with comprehensive solutions for online customer service, media monitoring, chatbots and reputation management.

Awards and achievements

Excellent customers, valuable partners – our A-team and our hard work have generated rewards in the form of a number of marvellous awards. We are very proud of these! In 2018, OBI4wan won the Main Software 50. In 2019 we got to 18th place in the Deloitte Fast 50.

We have grown enormously in recent years. Not only in capacity, but also in the expansion of our offer. Ultimately, this results in one international total offering for media monitoring, webcare, reputation management and chatbots.

OBI4wan over ons kaart | OBI4wan
Alexander de Ruiter

Alexander de Ruiter (CEO): “The international development of OBI4wan has clearly taken shape in recent years. With our continuously growing portfolio we serve no fewer than 15 countries around the world and in the coming period this amount will grow even faster. More and more organisations like Media Saturn and Unicef are using our solutions successfully. Also, the investment in the development of the OBI-Bots platform has given us a head start in the market of chatbots and conversational AI. The hype phase of chatbots is now behind us and for all organisations they will become everyday practice in the coming three years.”

Our award-winning solutions


Discover the power of OBI Engage: social media, messaging apps, reviews, livechat and chatbots in one solution!


Your all-inclusive partner for building, training, implementing en managing smartbots that understand your customers.

Media Monitoring

Measure relevant insights about your reputation from on- and offline data, social media, print media, radio and TV.

Analysis & Insights

Your specialized data intelligence partner for research, social analytics, interpretation and actionable insights.