5 questions to: Sander Kouwenhoven – Customer Service Manager BCC

Sander is Manager Customer Service at Dutch retailer BCC and is very excited when he talks about his webcare team that is literally located in the store. The experiment is successful; webcare and store employees find each other faster and work together towards the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction. I visited Sander at the BCC store in the Wall in Utrecht and talked to him about his challenges and ideas for the future.

1. How is BCC’s webcare doing now?

“BCC’s webcare team has recently moved to Utrecht. Here in Utrecht, a city where a lot of students live, it is easier to recruit flexible employees. The first idea was to place customer service in the middle of the shop, but the management thought that was a bit too progressive. So we made some extra room in the back left of the shop. Were now the domain is of customer service and the webcare team. When you sit here you get the feeling of the store. The strength is that you can walk into the store and are very close to our products. The store employees and customer service team now really understand each other’s work. We’ve only been open for a few months, but we’ve already noticed a difference!

2. What insights does the cooperation between BCC and OBI4wan provide?

“We use OBI4wan’s tooling on a daily basis to improve the handling of social messages. We also use webcare reports. At the end of the day you want to know how your employees functioned. I use the figures and reports per channel to coach them. It’s not a new insight; but the fact remains that telephony and e-mail are very expensive channels. Within social media channels, you can help multiple customers at the same time. That requires more from the consultant, so they must also be able to switch.”Does BCC translate webcare into optimising service agents? And if so, how?

3. Does BCC translate webcare into optimising service agents? And if so, how?

“In Amsterdam there was a big difference in employees. There, their knowledge was often deployed to one specific channel. Here I notice that there is more differentiation and students are a bit more flexible and multi skilled. Often the team works alternately on social and call. Most young people also like the combination of calling in the afternoon and answering social media messages in the evening. This is perfect for both the customer advisors and customers; I soon noticed that the NPS and therefore the customer satisfaction was higher. Not primarily through knowledge but through the fact that we are based within the store now!

Optimising your team and service is of course an ongoing thing and is never finished. That is why it is so interesting to see how the new set-up here in Utrecht will work in the long term and what the effect will be on both customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

4. Do you have tips for other retailers who want to get more out of webcare themselves?

“Take a good look around you to see how others are doing. Follow CoolBlue or the Lidl, for example, and learn more about their tone of voice, how they formulate answers and how they use humour in their texts. I really like Lidl’s webcare. I try to take my team on board in this as well; and ask them to study other companies in depth.

Also, don’t be too hesitant about standard answers, you really don’t have to write a new text every time or invent answers to the same questions. And a reaction doesn’t always have to be funny. Ultimately, it’s just about providing a good service within the set SLAs.

5. How do you see the future?

“My dream is to have a webcare team a la Coolblue and Lidl. A team that will come up with innovative solutions for our customers. My goal is that the team will work autonomously and will be proud of the way they respond. That’s what I strive for!

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