5 questions for Bas Vogels, Supervisor Customer Service at DHL

5 questions to DHL | OBI4wan

DHL is doing well! The company’s Customer Service recently won the National CQ test and now carries the title ‘Best Customer Service in the Netherlands’. I spoke to Bas Vogels, supervisor and trainer of the Customer Service team. Bas spoke about the added value of chatbots and media monitoring for his team, and about how software solutions help optimise DHL’s service processes.

1. In what way does DHL use webcare and chatbots?

“As a result of the growth DHL is currently going through, the amount of questions the webcare department receives has also increased with no less than 35 %, in comparison to last year. During the festive season in december we realised we could use some help. That is why we connected a chatbot to our Facebook Messenger account. Initially this was used as a work planner to answer the general questions, but later we also added a tagbot to categorise messages and a bot that routes the questions to the right employees.”

2. Do chatbots help to optimise your logistical service processes? Can you explain how?

“The bots really help us to streamline the amount and different types of questions we receive. The tagbot takes a lot of work off our hands and the bot that routes questions to the right people is like a breath of fresh air for our employees. I have noticed that the team also takes more ownership for their work now, because the bot matches the questions to the right employee. If a customer responds to a previous reply, the conversation can easily and quickly be resumed and resolved.To what extent has the work of customer service employees become more relevant thanks to the use of chatbots?

3. To what extent has the work of customer service employees become more relevant thanks to the use of chatbots?

“In the beginning I noticed some opposition and scepticism in the team. That is why we really involved them in the introduction of the bot and we explained to them that bots and employees can work alongside each other perfectly. Now they think the bots are amazing and thanks to the bots they can spend more time on answering  complicated questions and preventing escalations. Our employee satisfaction rate has also increased tremendously.”

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4. Do webcare and the chatbots from OBI4wan help you to achieve your SLAs and/or NPS goals? Can you give an example?

“At the moment we are not yet measuring the customer satisfaction rate of the conversations the chatbots handle. Therefore we cannot yet make a comparison to the conservations the employees take care of. However, we have already noticed a vast decrease in the response time since we have started using webcare and chatbots from OBI4wan. We are very happy with the media monitoring tool. The system is incredibly stable, it never malfunctions, works intuitively, fast and new employees get used to it very quickly. In this way the solutions also fit perfectly into DHL’s core values: easy, inventive and driven.”

5. Do you have any advice for other logistical organisations who want to get more out of webcare or chatbot technology?

“We started using the chatbots during the busiest time of the year, december. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this! My advice would be to test everything elaborately. Make an assessment of your most frequently asked questions and start small. Also ensure that the team members are on board, and include them in the introduction of the bot.”

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