360 degrees customer view with Social CRM


Insight in the experiences of customers with your organisation, brand or product is a must when you want to increase customer involvement. The right and relevant information is crucial to offer excellent online customer service. Social CRM is the strategy to on one hand, add value to the daily dialogue we encounter with the (potential) customer. On the other hand it offers new insights for innovative solutions, positioning, customer loyalty and acquisition.

Context is king, is what you lately hear more often. At web care it is all about a fast, correct and solution-directed treatment of questions, complaints and remarks. To support this process, we launched the addition of Social CRM in the web care environment. This module gives insight in conversation history and offers context needed to offer an extra dimension through web care.

One central place for overview and administration of contact persons


When handling a question or complaint it is firstly important to know exactly who the customer is, what his details are and what earlier contact moments have taken place. All in all, a 360 degrees customer picture is needed to adjust customer service ideally to the wishes and needs of the customer.

How does it work?

New contacts are automatically saved in the CRM, where new NAW-details and free fields to fill in are added. These fields can be added through an API-link with your own CRM-package. Think of customer numbers or order details, details which are usually asked for with every conversation with the web care department. Then, you link several different accounts, such as WhatsApp and Twitter, which can be combined for relevant customer information. This offers an efficient advantage, since these details do not have to be asked in every conversation anymore.

Appropriate context through cross channel display of conversations

In the web care environment, customer information is shown in a clear overview of a profile. The conversation and history belonging to the customer is visible in a clear timeline. This is why you receive insight in the context of a conversation, through several channels. When you are are handling a question through Twitter, an earlier conversation through WhatsApp might offer new insights.

Informing proactively through mailing lists and groups

Social CRM also offers new possibilities to start a dialogue with the target group. This function is by far the most appropriate tool to inform about disturbances of new product releases, through Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. You involve the customer in a personal way, through his or her own preferred channel. A completely random proactive message shall not have the desired effect. On the contrary, it will be experienced as spam. Would you truly like to add value? Then aim to know what information is desired at what given moment.

Linking with CRM for additional information

Perhaps you are not yet active with (Social) CRM, however you might have a broadly extensive CRM-system with a fitting customer contact strategy. Through advanced API-links we bring both worlds together. On one side, web care conversations become enriched with relevant customer information from the CRM system. on the other side, customer information becomes richer with (the history of) social conversations.

Would you like to have more information about the possibilities of Social CRM (or CRM-integration) for your organisation? Please feel free to contact us by info@obi4wan.com or +3185 210 50 60.

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